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💙 Insufficient number of competitors needed for analysis - lack of results
💙 Insufficient number of competitors needed for analysis - lack of results

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We could not find enough competitors to carry out a reliable analysis.

If you see such a message next to your chosen keyword - probably - the keyword in question:

  • is dominated in a particular area by one business card

  • is a keyword with a very low monthly search volume.

  • your location is not indexed (visible) for this keyword in Google Maps

  • Google does not show results in maps for this keyword

  • the keyword is the name of the company

Make sure that Google Maps displays many businesses similar to yours when you search for this phrase.

As your company's guidelines and visibility are calculated in relation to profiles that are visible for the same keywords as your profile, due to the lack of results provided by Google, we cannot prepare a detailed report and graph on your position in Google for this keyword.


However, if you are sure that your customers are likely to search for your services or products on Google using just this keyword, leave it and the process of linking the keyword to your profile will begin, but also add some other, more general words that describe your business and for which Google shows a map with more competitors. We will then be able to prepare better tasks for you to help you get better visibility in Google and thus achieve a better position for this (new) keyword as well.

Full details - how to carry out the right keyword analysis for your business - can be found here:

Find out which keywords you are already ranking for

- article

- blog post

If you still have more questions, please contact us via the chat function in the app

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