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💙 How often to do audits in Localo?
💙 How often to do audits in Localo?

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After reading this article, you will know:

  • How often to do audits in Localo?

  • How to use monitoring in Localo?

  • How quickly changes will appear?

1 - How often to do audits in Localo?

Due to the nature of Localo service and the way that Localo handles data stored by Google, we will advise that the optimal gap between two audits create for one keyword will 4 weeks.

This time will allow a couple of things:

  • it will give you time to implement changes and guidelines included in the first audit

  • it will allow for Google algorithms to notice and index all latest changes

  • It will allow creating new guidelines which will be a response to your competitor's action.

2 - How to use monitoring in Localo?

The monitoring function will automatically track the ranking that is achieved by your Google My Business profile. Refresh will happen automatically every 7 days for every keyword.

3 - How quickly changes will appear?

How quickly the results of your work will be noticeable, really depend on a couple of factors:

  • How difficult is the area regarding given keyword - for area difficulty low and medium it can take from a couple of hours to a couple of days, for high difficulty areas and keywords it can take from weeks to months - there is no really a clear rule regarding that.

  • How many changes are you implementing at once and how severe they are - please remember that all changes that you are implementing need time to be acknowledged by Google. Google robots constantly crawling through the internet - but it needs time to discover your GMB and compare it to your competitors with respect to your recent changes.

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