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After reading this article, you will know:

— What is the Photo Planer feature in our app, and how to use it?
— What are the Google guidelines in regard to published photos?

— What is the Picture Topicality?

1 - What is the Photo Planer feature in our app?

The Photo Planner feature will allow you to easily schedule Google Business Profile photos, thanks to which your content will be updated regularly and efficiently. You can now post up to 20 photos at one time.

Photos can be planned in two ways:

1.1 Fully automatically - upload your photos, and our algorithm will plan them for you based on the activity of your competitors

In the chosen section, you can upload your photos (1) You can easily upload your chosen photos by dragging and dropping them.

And see the photos that have already been scheduled under section (2)

The job of scheduling is done!!!

1.2 Manually scheduling your photos - you can choose the time, date, and quantity of photos to be planned.

After uploading your photos, (1)

Swap the switch to see available option (2)

Then you can choose:

  • how many photos do you want to upload at once

  • frequency

  • the time when photos are to be uploaded

The job of scheduling is done!!!

2. What are the Google guidelines in regard to published photos?

Google provides a white range of guidelines in regard to the content that will be acceptable to be published - they can be different depending on region - details can be found here

A summary of the key guidelines can be found below:

1. Genuine and Accurate Representation: Photos should accurately represent the business, its products, services, and ambiance. They should not include misleading information or misrepresent the offerings.

2. No Inappropriate or Offensive Content: Photos must comply with Google's content policies and should not contain explicit, illegal, violent, or offensive material. This includes avoiding images that are sexually explicit, hate speech, or violate copyright laws.

3. No Personal or Sensitive Information: Photos should not include personal information of individuals, such as faces, contact details, or private property, that violate privacy guidelines. Protect the privacy and safety of individuals when uploading photos.

4. High-Quality and Relevant: Photos should be of good quality, well-lit, properly framed, and relevant to the business. Blurry, distorted, or unrelated images should be avoided.

5. No Watermarks or Promotional Content: Google discourages the use of watermarked photos or images that contain promotional content, such as website URLs, phone numbers, or marketing slogans.

6. Respect Copyright Laws: Ensure that you have the rights or permission to use the photos you publish. Respect copyright laws and avoid infringing upon others' intellectual property.

It's essential to review and comply with Google's guidelines when uploading photos to your Google Business Profile to ensure a positive user experience and compliance with their policies.

3 - What is the Picture Topicality

Picture topicality refers to the relevance and topic or subject of what the picture is representing. In the context of search engine algorithms and image recognition technology (Google Lens), picture topicality assesses how well an image matches the content or context it is associated with.

Picture topicality is important for search engine optimization (SEO) and image recognition purposes. When using images within Google Business Profile, it's essential to carefully select and optimize images that align with the content and accurately represent the topic you want to convey. By providing relevant and contextually appropriate images, you increase the chances of improving user engagement, search visibility, and overall user experience.

Picture Topicality is checked on 3 levels.

Green - the best possible match - can be difficult to attach but worth pursuing.

Orange - comply with some topicality algorithm.

Red - not detected as relevant in regard to the keywords you're targeting - might not disqualify the picture from publishing - for instance, you are trying to introduce new things to your profile or address an event that might not be associated with your business in the past.

3.1 What if my picture score is low

Our aim and objective is to evaluate the photos based on advanced algorithms. However, if in your opinion a photo should be published and represents the activity of your location, go ahead and add it.

Typically, the following factors contribute to a low photo rating:

1. Photos are downloaded from free image banks - we recommend using original, unique photos that better represent your business.

2. Photos are over-saturated with content - sometimes less is more. Too many elements in a photo can cause the main message to be ignored.

3. Photos don't reflect what is usually found in competitors' photos - it's important that your photos coincide with industry trends to allow potential customers to compare your offering more easily.

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