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💙 What is Smart Tasks in Localo?
💙 What is Smart Tasks in Localo?

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After reading this article, you will know:

— What is the Smart Tasks feature in our app?

— How to use it properly?

1 — What are the Smart Tasks in our app?

The Smart Task feature has been introduced by us, as an intelligent and simple way to bring your Google Business profile to the top of the search results.

We have developed these features to help implement the required changes to your Google Business profile as we know it might be difficult because of three main reasons:

— some actions can be challenging to perform and require specific knowledge

— you might not know when some action needs to be done and what is the proper process for optimizing your GBP

— what new could be done to increase your position


Some actions performed too often or too little—can have a negative impact on your ranking and visibility in Google search engines

Thanks to Smart Task, we want to touch on all three of those problems by giving you intelligent solutions that will guide you through your optimization path. We want you to know not only what to do — but also when and how to do it.

On a weekly bases, our intelligent algorithm will dispose right amount of tasks uniquely optimized and adjusted for your profile. You could perform more tasks than suggested - but please remember that Search Engine Optimization and improving your visibility is a process. ( Marathon, not a Sprint) How long you do it and when you do it matters as well as what you do - consistent and regularity usually is welcome by Google Search Engine algorithms very well.

2 - How to use it properly?

Smart Tasks are simple and intuitive - follow the steps inside the app to see which task needs to be performed next - and watch your progress on the status bar.

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