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How to Use Localo
💙 Learn how to use Localo for optimizing your Google Business profile.
💙 Learn how to use Localo for optimizing your Google Business profile.

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After reading this article you will know:

- What is Localo?

- The main functions of the tool?

- How to use the tool to achieve the best results?

- After what time can I expect results?

- Additional materials

1 - What is Localo?

Localo is a tool that is created and developed with passion, experience and commitment to help business owners easily and inexpensively reach new customers by improving and maintaining free business profiles on Google.

Through the tool and the use of its features, you will learn how to achieve the top position on Google and achieve it in less time than your competitors, whom you will consistently outrank while using the tool.

The tool uses advanced technology and artificial intelligence that analyzes your company's profile and that of your competitors every week in terms of thousands of different factors, and thus develops for you ready-made and best-to-follow tasks along with simple tutorials, by performing which you will systematically increase the visibility of your company's profile on Google or maintain an already high position on the Internet.

2 - Main functions of the tool

There are several main features in Localo:

Smart Tasks -> Here, you get a weekly portion of the tasks you should perform to increase or maintain your company's already high ranking or make sure that the data in your company profile is up to date.

Automation of certain processes -> In smart tasks, you can receive tasks that might normally require you to do more work, are repetitive or complicated. Therefore, we have implemented a number of optimizations and improvements to help you, for example, Write back in elaborate sentences to the feedback left in your company profile by a customer with just one button on the keyboard, which will save you a lot of time and give the customer the feeling that you have taken the time for them and their feedback is important to you.

Statistics - Here, you have a complete report on the activities you have performed and the effects that the performed activities have translated into. There you will find out, among other things: how many customers have seen your company, how many actions they have performed and which ones (e.g. Phone calls to the company from the company's Google profile) and much more.

Main view (Dashboard) - This is the place where you see your company profile on Google and its average local ranking position, increases, decreases and position history. You can easily click on any of the monitored words and see how your company's visibility looks in multiple spots at once, or you can manually refresh the position report once a day.

AI (GPT) functionality - Localo has the ability to write the posts for you as well as answers to your reviews or business description.

Business protection - you can enable special protection for your business profiles on Google in Localo, which will prevent negative actions by your competitors that could cause your business cards' position and visibility on Google to drop.

3 - How to get the most out of the Localo tool?

1. Keywords (the words you will monitor)

-> At the very beginning, you need to correctly select the set of words that you will then add to monitoring in Localo. To add a new word to monitoring, click on the menu: Add keyword.

Localo, based on the analysis of your company's profile, will suggest words that you can add to automatic monitoring or inspire you to find your own.


- Don't add completely different words to monitoring like Dentist and Lawyer.

- The best practice is to add words with cities, e.g. Dentist Krakow, Stomatologist Krakow, Teeth Whitening Krakow, because this way you are able to display in a larger area.

- Focus on adding only the words that are most important to you. Don't give those you are not sure about or don't offer such services and products.

- You can learn more about choosing keywords here:

2. Smart tasks

-> Once you have selected your keywords and added them to your monitoring, go into the tasks and perform them according to the tips that Localo suggests to you. Remember to return each week to the tool, where the next portions of the week's most important tasks will be waiting for you. Remember, when managing your business profile on Google, it's all about regularity and consistency, and Localo will help you take care of these, as well as the high quality of the activities you will perform.

Important: In Smart Tasks, you have an option at the very bottom to add an additional task in a given week. Use this function as you feel you can do more in a given week. Do not abuse this feature. Doing 1-2 extra tasks in a week may be fine, but 10 can negatively affect your company's Google profile and its visibility to customers.

3. Statistics

-> This is the place where you can view a summary of your activities and achievements, as well as the time and money saved. At first, in the first month of working with Localo, you may not find much data there, but over time and with each task you complete, sizable statistics will accumulate there. Here you will find out how many new customers have noticed your company on Google thanks to Localo and what actions they have taken, for example, Switching to your company's website.

4. Systematic and consistent

Remember that increasing your company's profile on Google is not a one-time activity, and you are often competing with companies that have been in the market several years longer than you and have been performing marketing activities for many months or years. Arm yourself with patience and perform the tasks and leave the rest to us. You'll reach the top position as quickly as possible and get ahead of all your competitors.

4 - After what time can I expect the first results?

You will see the first effects in the form of a much better-looking company profile in Google, which can affect more conversions in the first month after completing the tasks you receive.

You can see the first effects in the form of much higher visibility of your company's profile on Google for customers and an increase in position, which will also put you ahead of some competitors stronger than you, after the first month and in the first quarter of consistently performing the tasks you receive.

You can achieve your company's first position or high visibility in a quarter, six months, a year, or two years.

It all depends on these factors:

  • Do you systematically perform the tasks that Localo offers you?

  • How strong the competition is?

  • What is the quality of your company's profile at the beginning of the work?

  • What position your company has and visibility at the beginning of the work?

  • Since when your competitors have their company profiles on Google and when they established their companies?

  • Since when you have a company profile on Google and when you established your company?

  • Are your competitors doing any marketing on their company profiles on Google?

4 — Additional materials

Just check out this simple two-and-a-half-minute video.

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