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How to optimize GMB profile?
💚 How to make a free website with one click for your Google Business Profile?
💚 How to make a free website with one click for your Google Business Profile?

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After reading this article, you will know:

— Why should you activate a free Google Business Profile website - So-called:

— How to do it in a few easy steps.

— What if the option is not available?

1 — Why should you activate a free Google Business Profile website - So-called:

There is a couple of important reasons why it is worth having it active:

  • It displays on the Internet, promotes your business, and positively affects the ranking and visibility of your company profile on Google. It's an often forgotten but important factor for good search engine optimization (SEO).

  • You can enable it even if you have a regular website, but don't set it as the default page in your profile then. If you don't have a website, you can set it as the main one.

  • Google's free business site informs customers about your business by retrieving the information you publish in your Google profile. It doesn't act as a duplicate but as an additional directory with information about your business, strengthening your company's ranking on Google Maps.

2 — How to activate your dedicated website in a few easy steps.

The content of the free website that is generated, is outsourced from the data that your Google Bussiness profile contains, like pictures you have added, posts you have created, or reviews that you received.

Follow the steps below, and you'll create a business Google site for your business.

2.1 Type in Google: "My business" or the name of your company to access your google business profile dashboard:

2.2 Click on Edit profile

2.3 Click on Contact

Then click on edit your company information.

2.4 Find and click the section: Website

Now find the section with the website and click on it.

2.5 You should see there the information about creating a site. Click Manage or Create.

Find the information that you can create and manage a site on Google. Click on the button

Google website builder

2.6 In the upper right corner, click: Publish

Now find the button in the view for publishing the page. It's at the top right in the corner.

How to make website free on Google tutorial

And done! You have just created a free site for your company on Google. From that point on, notice that new Google sites start to work and positively affect your company's visibility on the Internet, making you reach hundreds, thousands, or millions of new clients looking for the products or services offered by your company.

3 - What if the option is not available?

The reason why you can't see this option is because you have a dedicated site implemented to your profile already.

How do I unblock a Business Site from Google?
- Open your Google company profile

- In the profile management panel, select Edit products

- At the top of the browser window is our URL. Remove the part of the address that appears between the slashes /u/x/products/ and insert /site/ in its place.

Note: If you do not have products added in the Products tab then your URL will look like this -

In this case, remove the /products/ section and insert /site/ in its place as in the example -

- When you click ENTER on your keyboard, you will be taken to the management panel from Google

Second option:
Google encourages as well to create "sites" from Google product - because it is another important/valuable ranking factor

You can remove (temporarily) your dedicated site - then the option to create a business site should get displayed - but that is not guarantee and can take some time.

After enabling google bussiness site - make sure you will set up your own (dedicated) Website as the main one.

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