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💙 Growth Statistic in Localo

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After reading this article, you will know:

— What are the Growth Statistics?

— What do they represent?

— On what they are based?

1 — What are Growth Statistics?

Growth Statistics have been designed to bring your achievements closer to you.

We want to, in a simple and easy way, show you how your business performing in the Google Business Profile network on Google Maps.
Thanks to our statistics, you have quick access to all the data and parameters representing your GBP visibility and performance.

2 — How to read it?

The Localo Grow Statistics are divided into 4 parts :

  • The first diagram represents information about your visibility in regards to keywords that you choused to monitor and optimize for.

Business visibility - determines your company's visibility to customers at all points on the map. The more areas you are at the forefront of, your company's visibility will be greater

  • The second section is all about the interaction between your profile and customers

  • The third section focuses on what action you have performed to improve your business position, prominence, and performance

  • Forth section is designed to unveil and present savings and benefits that your Google Bussines Profile delivers thanks to Localo guidelines and instruction

3 — On what Grow Statistics are based?

The first section where we present data regarding your business profile visibility, is exclusively created by our software and it is based on the number of locations wherein your business ranks top 3 for keywords of your choice.

Thanks to the fact that you have connected your business profile to Localo - data is been collected straight from your business profile insights and that is where the information in the second section comes from.

The third section counts all your actions and the fourth one is based on universal data that informs on the average time needed to achieve similar results without Localo and the saving that you are achieving by your own action instead of spending money on the paid ads.

Please note that once you are happy with the Localo experience and would like to share your success story we will reword it with a 30% lifetime discount for your subscription.

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