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💙 Post Scheduling in Localo

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After reading this article, You will know:

- What are Google Posts and why is it important?

- How to use Post Scheduling features in Localo?

- AI update

1 - What are Google Posts and why is it important?

Google Posts is a space for the creation and publication of short (limit of 1500 characters) content that is relevant to your company.

Publishing posts on your company's Google profile makes your company stand out from the competition and makes your company profile look much better. In addition to this, parts of the content from the posts can sometimes appear in Google searches and thus additionally attract new customers to your company.

It is useful to think about your posts as a way to generate interaction between your GBP and your users. More interaction you are able to generate, the is better for your business in all ways, firstly: your are creating more prominence in google search, secondly: you do interact with your potential client.

2 - How to use Post Scheduling features in Localo?

The first step is to make sure you Bussines profile for which you intended to post is linked with our Localo via Google.

Once that is sorted you can start scheduling your posts.

Section 1 will inform you when you will receive new prominent terms that will positively influence your post content - use them if you can.

Creating a post button, ( step 2) will allow you to start the journey.

Photo (step 3) is an essential part of every post - it is optional but we strongly recommend adding it to your every post.

In section 4 you will writhe your post - hopefully including prominent terms displayed above.

AI update January 2023 - from now on, using the ability of GPT3 You can write a post with the click of a button - powerful AI will generate text that is relevant to your business and will include some of the important terms that will improve Your content regarding SEO.

Update November 2023

From November 2023 users can choose the subject (1) that AI will be writing about - we do suggest using some of the keywords provided - just copy and paste some prominent terms suggested by Localo - but You can write (2) about whatever subject you think is important to you.

Section 5 is all about the Call To Action button - you can choose from six options:

Section 6 is where you choose when you want your freshly prepared post to be sent for publication - by pressing the calendar you can choose your own date and time or use one of the suggestions above.

In the top right corner (section 7) You can see a preview of your post.

Publish Post ( bottom right corner) - is the last step of the jurney.

After publishing or scheduling your post - you will have the ability to create a new one.

Section 8 will display your previous post.

The calendar (9) on the right will display all your previous and scheduled posts - publication is marked with a green dot and the scheduled post will be marked with a blue dot.

All your activity in the post section - is visible as well at the top of the page (section 10)

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