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🧡 White Label in Localo.
🧡 White Label in Localo.

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After reading this article, you will know:

  • What White Label solution is?

  • Who can use it?

  • How to use it in regards to Localo?

1 - What White Label solution is?

A White Label Solution is a service or product that can be rebranded and reused as Your own one, this functionality will legally permit you to place your brand name on our product.

In Localo we are giving you the ability to exchange Localo logo with your own one - so you can present the results and research in an adequate way that will represent your business.

2 - Who can use it?

White Label is available to everyone who has more than 5 locations active with us - however, in special circumstances, it can be enabled earlier. Please note: there is no extra cost included - the price model (per location) offers everything that you need to deliver complex resolution.

3 - How to use it in regards to Localo?

Once your White Label will be activated - follow these few steps:

Please note: 3rd-party cookies need to be enabled for White Label to work correctly.

Then you can add your logo here (step 4)

and your own version of Localo will be available here (step5)


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