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🧡 Discover SEO Research Mode in Localo.
🧡 Discover SEO Research Mode in Localo.

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After reading this article, you will know:

  • What is Research Mode in Localo?

  • What type of usability and options Research Mode has to offer?

  • What are the limits and restrictions?

1 - What is Research Mode in Localo?

To meet the needs of our more advanced users, we have enabled functionality that allows users with multiply locations to create for free additional maps/grids to check the visibility and ranking potential for Google Business Profiles - that are likely to become the next location supported by Localo.

Once a minimum of 5 locations have been added to Localo, 'Research Mode' automatically becomes available in the top right corner of our application.

2 - What type of usability and options Research Mode has to offer?

Research Mode essentially will allow you to check 3 things:

  • Visibility of your potential clients in the Google Maps searches results accordingly to the geographic localization where the search was conducted for the keywords of your choice.

    After adding the business of interest to Localo Research Mode

    You can use advanced options (1) and choose between different sizes of available grids (2)

  • The second thing you can check for your clients is the physical/geographical location of their closest competition, which can give them a good insight into their ranking potential and how difficult it will be for them to reach their target.

    Zoom in on the created grid 1

    Press a point in the middle of the grid (this grid point is closest to your physical localization) 2

    On the map, you will see the geographic localization of all the competitors that are ranking in the top 20 Google Map Search results for the keyword that has been checked (3 - example of competitor localization on the map)

    To see details regarding each localisation - just move your cursor over the pin and on the left-hand side, the list will adjust itself (4) to show you details regarding the point of your interest.
    If you want to come back to the previous view - use the "Back to Grid" button (5)

  • The third way that Research Mode can be used, is to check how competitors are visible in Google Maps search results for the chosen keywords in the different geographic locations. You can examine every grid point on the map by pressing it and the ranking of businesses that rank best (top 20 - at this localization) will be displayed on the left-hand side.

    For Example press here (1) to find out who ranks best at this localization (information displayed 2)

3 - What are the limits and restrictions?

This functionality is available for everyone who has more than 4 locations activated in our system. If you represent special circumstances or need some early access - feel free to contact us via Support Chat or email

The research mode is Free (or rather included in the standard price) and limits are subject to the Fair Usage Policy, Number of companies that the research mode will allow you to check will grow together with the number of localization that you have active in our Localo.

Theoretically, if 1 out of 25 localizations that you have checked with Research Mode will join Localo app - you will never go over the limit and our Fair Usage Policy standards.

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