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💜 Connecting Localo to Google Business Profile.
💜 Connecting Localo to Google Business Profile.

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After reading this article, you will know:

— How to connect your GBP to Localo?
— What you are gaining by integrating your Google account with Localo?

— Is it safe to do?

— How does that influence your Google profile rankings?

1 — How to connect your GBP to Localo?

1.1 Once you are inside the task look for Connect with Google button.

1.2 You might find this button in a different form on a couple of sections inside the app: for example in the post section. Once your profile got connected the button disappears.

1.3 Choose your account responsible for managing given GBP localization

1.4 Next step is to agree to terms and conditions and to grant access for Localo app.

1.5 Please note if you log yourself to Localo first time using the Google login service

You might see a different message where you need to grant access to Localol - make sure you will tick all the boxes.

Thanks to that all your locations that are linked to your Google account will be transferred to our Localo and you will see them in the section "Inactive" where they can be activated.

2 - What you are gaining by interesting your Google account with Localo?

Localo enters a new era by providing even more usability.

From a tool that allows you to track your position in Google Maps search results, via a tool that improves your position in search results with guidelines, to a tool that allows you to manage your GBP - now!

We are opening a new chapter and introducing functionality that allows you to optimize and manage your GBP profile from within the application - without the need to implement separate changes to your Google profile.

This is just the beginning ... This integration allows us not only to refresh your data in Localo - so you always have the most current information, but also to introduce groundbreaking solutions - all from within a single application - such as the ability to schedule posts, automatic response to reviews as well as advanced statistics that will allow you to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your profile and learn about the effects of optimization in the form of measurable results.

Once you will enter your password and sent a request you will receive a link to reset your password.

3 - Is it safe to do?

Our application is based on world's latest security solutions and is regularly updated. Google will not allow the use of its resources and API for platforms/websites/applications that want to fulfil the highest security standards.

Allowing connection between Localo and your Google Business Profile is equivalent to adding an extra user to be able to manage your account.

The difference is that this extra user is yourself that has the ability to influence/access `GBP from a different access point - Localo app.

By adding a connection You do not share your Google password with Localo team. That is why (sometimes) when you choose to log in via the second option you need to create a new password.

4 - How does that influence your Google profile rankings?

Connecting Localo to your Google business profile does not affect your ranking in any way (positive or negative) - the only things that affect your visibility in search results are your actions and improvements that you do using Localo or directory via Google Bussiness Profile.

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