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💜 Prominent terms, suggested phrases in Localo. Why does it matter?
💜 Prominent terms, suggested phrases in Localo. Why does it matter?

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After reading this article, you will know:

- Why the right words are important?

- What are prominent phrases in Localo?

- How to use it correctly?

1 - Why the right words are important?

Prominent phrases and keywords are an essential part of every SEO optimization. In the world of content, usage of proper words in proper places with appropriate density is what matters and has a huge influence on results provided by search engines.

Right words are essential because they tell search engines about the content of your profile.

2- What are prominent phrases in Localo?

One of the main tasks of Localo is to provide the right content for your key section in your Google Bussiness Profile - those are not random words that we hope will refer to your business. Prominent terms highlighted in every relevant section have been selected based on the activities of your strongest competitors. We are summarising and thanks to our algorithms, delivering content that is relevant to the keywords that you are trying to improve your visibility.

For example, in the business description section, we are checking how many times certain contact repeats themself in your top 20 competitors' search results. Once this right content is identified, it is presented to you in the form of prominent terms that we advise you to include in your own business description.

In the post section - we are checking what your competitors are posting about - what generates the interaction between their profile and users and we are giving you a hint of what you should be posing about to achieve a similar outcome.

The same or similar rules apply to all sections where we suggesting to use certain words and phrases - it is all SEO based and verified by Localo algorithm.

3 - How to use it correctly?

Please note:

All phrases are automatically generated based on a number of occurrences relevant to the given keywords. You always need to follow common sense and never use words that do not apply to your business or indicate your competitors.

It especially applies to services and offers that Localo might suggest, but you do not provide it.

But as long as suggested phrases are relevant - use as many of them as only possible - because this is what will improve your visibility for the keywords of your choice.

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