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💙 Instruction. How to use Google review poster?
💙 Instruction. How to use Google review poster?

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After reading this article, You will know:

- How to use Google review Generator?

- Why reviews are so important?

- Why is good/quality review?

1 - How to use Google review Generator?

How to set up and customize your poster?

  • Once you created a query for your keyword, poster is available from the menu section:

    Or open guidelines (audit) and scroll down. Review generator poster will be located in Review section.

(click the picture to enlarge)

  • Now You are ready to customize your poster

    (click the picture to enlarge)

    Step 1) Chouse your color to suit your preferences

    Step 2) No action needed - just copy it and pred across your customers

    Step 3) Chouse prominent terms to influence good quality of your review (minimum 4 frases)

    Step 4) Open or Download Your poster in the new tab and print it out to display at the most suitable location.

    When you open your poster, You can customize text and implement your own one

    You can change any of the section just by clicking on it. 👇

    Right click of the mouse or Ctr +P ( apple Command + P) will open a section where you can print or download your poster.

Where to display your unique poster?

Each business is different and will require a different approach - think about in what circumstances your customers will have a few moments to spare to rank your business. Is it is:

  • At your desk when they are awaiting service or goods

  • In the changing/fitting room where they try your clothes or shoes

  • At the table when they sitting during the meal

  • In the waiting area where they wait to pick up their car, pet or to be served next.

Make sure your poster is visible and in good/tidy condition. Thanks to a large QR code that can be scanned from distance - you could make it a part of your regular shopping window display. If you display opening hours on your doors - Google Review Generator will fit next to it very nicely.

If you support delivery services add the poster to the customer order, if you provide service at the customer address leave a flyer or add it to your payment routine and hand it out together with your bill or recipe.

The possibilities are endless - just get creative and grow your business with Localo Google Review Poster.

2 - Why reviews are so important?

At the heart of the answer to the question, "Why do opinions matter so much?"

lies the concept of - Social proof (Social proof).

This principle refers to a situation in which a person, not knowing what decision to make, adopts the same views as the majority of the group to which he or she belongs.

This is supposed to convince us that the product or service we are interested in meets all the assumed needs, is valuable and trustworthy. A review or opinion from a user who has already made such a choice fulfils this instructional function perfectly.

Some statistics(2021)

- 87% of users read reviews before making a purchase decision.

- 85% of users trust a review as much as a personal recommendation.

- The average customer reads about 10 reviews before making a purchase decision.

- Only 48% of customers will consider using a company with less than 4 stars.

3 - What is good/quality review?

The answer to this question would seem to be short and simple: "A 5-star opinion".

The reality is a little more complex and is based on several other parameters.

Of course, achieving the maximum customer satisfaction score is key, but equally important is who is giving that opinion and how that opinion is expressed.

A likely accurate comparison would be that one review that contains:

  • a few lines of text,

  • prominent terms provided by Localo

  • description of the activity you did

  • a photo taken on-site

Is worth - to Google's search algorithm as much as 10 reviews that contain only 5 stars with no other interaction.

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