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💙 All you need to know about the new Localo pricing.
💙 All you need to know about the new Localo pricing.

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After reading this article, You will know:

— What are the pricing options in Localo?

— On what new pricing is based?

— Why have we decided to remove the credits?

— The benefits of the new pricing.

— About the packages

1 — What type of optimization plans are available in Localo? (Localo Pricing)

We have 3 packets available:

  • Growth - the ideal solution for businesses that want to increase visibility and optimize their profile as well as manage daily activities like post-scheduling or review reply

  • Monitoring - suitable for someone who wants to track their business visibility on google maps, plus protection against changes to users' GBP

  • Agencies - for professionals who are looking to optimize, track and manage multiple locations with all benefits of Localo application.

2 — On what new pricing is based?

From 25.11.2021 we will not sell Localo's previous credit-based subscription packages to new users. We recognized that the payment model based on credits has been causing you lots of confusion. To make using our app even simpler, we are replacing it with a more convenient pricing model.

From now on, you will be able to use Localo by buying packages for a chosen number of locations you want to optimize. The one package will have all the functionalities you need to succeed in Google, already included in the price. No more counting credits you would spend or waste them for actions you don’t need.

The final date of moving to the new pricing will be announced soon. For a smooth transition, we will allow our current users to stay on the old credit-based plans for a while, but we strongly recommend clicking here and transferring your account to the new subscription model.

3 — Why have we decided to remove the credits?

In general, based on your feedback, the credit model caused more uncertainty and made using our app much harder for you.

Previously we operated on a credit basis where each action cost several credits, which we charged you with each step, and they renewed each month. You would often lose credits for needless activities like too frequent audit requests, and in general, it was difficult for you to manage.

Some users would also accidentally use all of their credits in 1 or 2 days and had to wait almost an entire month to be able to use the Localo app again. We want you to use and benefit from our product, full-shaped, every day, so we made sure the new pricing model will allow that.

4 — The benefits of the new pricing.

Better usability

You’ll no longer have to be bothered with counting the credits or wondering which action will be more profitable. We know what’s best for your local business, so we have determined what frequency of activity makes sense. No more burning credits on generating the same audits every day.

Automated action frequency

You don’t need to remember to run audits or other queries manually and think about how often it should be done. With our smart algorithms, we will constantly analyze your Google business card, as well as the cards of your competitors. We will deliver you new guidelines each time your competitors improve their business profiles or anything happens that could threaten your top position.

Transparent pricing

You buy a single package for a single location, and that’s it. Within one package, you will perform any action you need for your business to succeed in the local Google results - check your company’s position, get new guidelines, monitor your business’s visibility, and receive reporting with useful insights for an entire month. When you want to improve the position for more locations or companies, you add more slots in your subscription settings in the app.


Many of you have spent lots of credits (=money) on unnecessary refreshing your position reports or the audits in a period too short they could show any difference. Now, there won’t be a possibility you run out of credits before the end of a billing period.

Better for multiple locations

Those who work on improving the Google position for many businesses or locations will benefit too. You just need to go to your Localo application dashboard and add another slot.

4 — About the packages

Our new transparent subscription plan is simple — you pay $29/ month for a single location (or $24 if you choose to bill yearly). No additional costs.

If your business has multiple locations, you work for an enterprise company, or you optimize local Google business profiles for your customers as an agency or a freelancer - you just add more location slots in your app.

Do you want to add multiple locations to your Localo package, but the price is too much for you? Send us a line, we have a nice discount system for agencies and freelancers.

What does a package include?

Localo monthly package for a single Google location includes:

  • An advanced Local Rank Checker tool with complete visibility and competitor analysis.

  • The ability to add up to 5 phrases your customers may look for you by. We will monitor your position for those selected keywords and use them to create an audit.

  • An up-to-date audit with the optimization guidelines based on keywords you chose as relevant for your business.

  • Weekly monitoring of your Google position for the chosen keywords.

  • A weekly email reporting with information about position changes and the new improvement guidelines. [SOON]

  • Regular pro-tips on how to improve your company’s position and visibility in Google.

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