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💙 Invoice, Billing, Payment — Localo.
💙 Invoice, Billing, Payment — Localo.

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After reading this article, You will know:

— How to get an invoice for Localo?

— How billing works?

— What type of payment are available?

1 — How to get an invoice for Localo?

The invoice is sent to your email account, which is used for logging in to our Localo App automatically after every transaction that you make.

When you search for an invoice from Localo — Search for an email from Paddle - as it is our payment provider — Inside this email, you will find the latest invoice for Localo.

In case you can't find your invoice, or you have accidentally removed this email, contact us via email or chat — we can re-send you your recipe anytime.

The invoice is available in the dashboard as well:

All invoices are here:

You can update your billing details by clicking on the invoice

You can update the VAT details - to check if you are eligible, check this link:

2 — How billing work?

Once you have subscribed to our service — you will be billed automatically every month (on the anniversary of your purchase) until you will cancel your subscription.

3 — What types of payments are available?

We do accept two methods of payment:

  • Payment card - Visa or MasterCard

  • PayPal

Have more questions?

Contact us via in-app chat.

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