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💜 How to choose the perfect keyword with Localo?
💜 How to choose the perfect keyword with Localo?

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After reading this guide, you will know:

- How to choose the perfect keyword for search in Localo?

The subject of "keyword" is very complex. In this article, I will try to summarize the basics to get you started.

It is essential to choose wisely what keyword you want your business to be displayed under. To answer that question, you need to focus on three factors:

  • What type of keyword will customers use to search for your business?

  • How often will this keyword appear in search engines?

  • What keywords is your competition using to advertise themself?

Once You choose your main keyword - make sure that you are right by checking it through Localo.

You can type your main keyword idea and check how that compares to the number of searches with other similar sentences.

Thanks to Localo, after typing a chosen keyword, you can see how the number of searches for your keyword comper to the number of searches for similar phrases. That allows you to choose one with the highest potential.

In this example, you should switch to a keyword that is equally relevant but more often searched - such as dental new york city.

Note: There is a correlation between search volume and ranking potential.

Words with high search volume will have low ranking potential, and words with lower search volume will allow for better results with higher ranking potential; those are so-called "Long tail keywords."

"Long tail keyword" stands for 70% of all searches.

After completing a query in Localo, you will see your position in reference to your competition under any of the keywords you have chosen to make quire for.

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